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Our Education Series allows for us to impart wisdom to you, from our beauty-filled hearts to yours. Each class is created with the purpose of providing our customer with a variety of techniques so that she can achieve The Pink Comb Studio experience at home. We proudly introduce Pink Education

These classes are by Appointment Only. All classes must be booked in advance, paid for in advance and are non-refundable. These are a great gift idea or girls’ night option. All parties of three or more are welcome to bring in refreshments.

Make-Up 101

Classes vary in prices.

“Back to Basics”
This is a basic make-up lesson that is approximately one hour long. We will show you the fundamentals of color matching, types of brushes and their uses, how to apply mascara like a pro, how to shop for make-up, the “5 minute Face” and how to blend color on eyes and cheeks so you never look overdone. This course is $50.00 per hour per person. If you get together three or more ladies, the cost is $45.00 per person, with a max of six ladies per class. The fee includes your own personal lip gloss and the opportunity to purchase products at the end of class. This class is BYOC – Bring Your Own Cosmetics (so we can show you what is and isn’t working and how to improve on it!)

“Lots of Lashes”
This is where we teach you how to apply your own false eyelashes. Included in this class are the lesson, two pairs of human hair lashes (that we custom pick to match your eye shape and lash desires) and your own personal  glue that will last you for endless eyelash applications! You will leave with one of the two sets on….. so plan something fun for after! This class is BYOM – Bring Your Own Mascara. $40.00 for approx. 45-minute class.

“Cover Up”
This is a course in which we teach the art of the cover-up – the basic tools you need to get flawless skin no matter WHAT is hiding underneath! We will go over basic techniques for dark circles/“bags”, hyperpigmentation and acne. We will also go over the uses for tinted moisturizers, BB Creams, concealers, liquid foundations and a daily regime overview to help you heal what you are trying to “Cover Up.” $40.00 for approx. 45-minute class.

Hair 101

All classes are $45 per person for one, one-hour session, unless otherwise noted.

“Blown Away”
This fun-filled class teaches you the secrets of the BLOWOUT!! All you will need to bring is your hairdryer and your brushes, and let our super talented Pink Comb Staff share secrets that will save you time, money and morning headaches and will assure a great hair day, everyday! This class is BYOB – Bring Your Own Blow-dryer.

“Slave to the Wave”
This is our exclusive curling iron class that can get anyone to become a hair curling pro in under an hour. Here you will learn the art of the curl! After this course, you will have no fear when it comes to working with a curling iron on your own hair. We will teach you the secret tricks of the trade and you will leave with your own iron to get the job done correctly…no snags… so crimped ends…just PERFECT curls.  Please come to class with clean, dry hair. The fee for this class is $85.00 and it includes your own professional grade iron. You take this baby home and recreate your curls the very next day.

“It’s OK to Tease!”
We will show you safe, effective ways to get your hair the VA VA VOOM you crave! We will show you three basic techniques with your very own Pink Comb, including how to create the pompadour, a basic up-do and how to create height in your own hair when wearing it down. We will also teach you how to safely remove tease from your hair without losing one precious strand. Please come to the class with clean, dry hair. This course includes a comb and bottle of hairspray.

“Made to Braid”
This is all about braiding! We will teach you the French and the fishtail and the trendy ways to incorporate braids into your everyday style once we have gone over these basic steps.  Please come to the class with clean, dry hair. This class is a favorite of moms wondering WHAT to do with their daughter’s long hair. This course includes your very own Pink Comb!

“Sock it to me!”
Learn to create the fun and flirty yet elegant and sophisticated SOCK BUN! It’s so easy and will revive your personal style. This is perfect for work and play. We will teach you when and where to wear this style and what to pair it with to jazz up your look. We will also show you different positions on the head you can wear the sock bun that totally change your look.  The lesson includes hair ties, a Pink Comb and your very own sock bun base! All hair lengths shoulder length and below welcome.

We occasionally will offer special events and group classes but you need not wait! We are happy to create an event at the studio so you have it all to yourself. Just let us know when and what time! Don’t see something here? Let your voice be heard! Drop us a line and let us know what you are looking for!  Email